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Our Fishing Philosophy: FAQs

New fishers have a lot of questions about the ethics of sportfishing and we have answers to popular questions here.

What does “sport” fishing mean exactly?

Sportfishing is the term used to identify all fishing done for recreational purposes. We are finding and catching the fish in a strategic way similar to sporting.

Do you kill the fish you catch?

We prefer to catch and release all fish we catch. Guests are legally allowed to keep fish and may if they would really like to but it is not usually done.

What is your fishing style?

At Angler’s Edge we are interested in strategic technically-driven fishing and studying fish patterns and behaviour in Lake Ontario. It’s a fascinating study that Captain Mike has been keenly interested in for his whole life.

About fish conservation

We have a conservation-minded attitude to protect and take care of our resources. Captain Mike has a background in conservation and graduated from the fish and wildlife program at Fleming College.

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